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August 24, 2021

Corporate Milestone To Be Proud Of

A 30-year anniversary of the PROGRESSTECH brand jubilantly marked the beginning of 2021. Over these three decades the Group formed sound positions in asset portfolio management and became a recognized engineering services supplier and trusted partner of its valued customers as well as an appealing place to work for. A truly international team looks into many more decades with greater ambitions and creative plans.
With current uncertain and difficult times for business worldwide PROGRESSTECHGROUP, being a member of Progresstech Group, is proud to state that it stood strong during the hard global 2000-2021 pandemic time and wishes to all its valued customers and partners the operational stability and fastest recovery of common business activities.
We prepared a video illustrating retrospective success story of PROGRESSTECH and bright future of the brand. Enjoy watching the video by clicking the link below and sound on!

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