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our business

Advanced capabilities in aerospace, automotive, airport infrastructure and other sectors

We are committed to provide a leap in product value for every customer and partner

Our specialists possess deep knowledge and expertise in business consulting

Engineering team involved in development of major commercial airplane programs with the world leading OEMs

Complete design process from component’s image to serial production, including styling, simulation, turn-key prototyping and tooling 

Wide range of airport technology and planning services for various facilities, including BIM (building information modelling) 

airport infrasructure

Our success is driven by our team. We invest in unique educational programs, continuous training and job excellence working with top schools

education programs

Your gateway to engineering services literally in any commercial sector be it alternative energy sources, oil&gas, railroad transport, ship building or advanced R&D. 

Additionally, we interact with software manufacturers working together on their engineering product enhancements and enter Apps development market.

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